Champagne Marion-Bosser

We are thrilled to introduce Champagne Marion-Bosser to you.  This Mother and Daughter champagne house produce award winning champagnes. Situated in Hautvillers which is renown for growing Premier Cru and also with the father of champagne, Dom Perignon, who resided at the Hautvillers Abbey.
Kathy and Trevor, champagne connisseurs from Mt Eden, recommended that we stock Marion-Bosser and they were so right. Thanks to Kathy and Trevor we are able to bring you this champagne. It’s a standout recommendation!
I am not exaggerating when I say these champagnes are exceptional and  really worthwhile trying.  The  Extra Brut Blanc de Blanc is top-notch luxury! In 2015 this won the Chairman’s Trophy of “The Ultimate Wine Challenge” in New York and British Airways serve it in First Class.
The gorgeous Brut Tradition is my favorite.  Tradition is the perfect name for the classic marriage of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  It’s full, harmonious and  just delicious.
Obviously one bottle is not going to cut it with these two.  Whether it’s Brut or Extra Brut I guarantee that you will be wowed with these two beauties!

Bond.  James Bond.  Being a big fan of James Bond I saw this pic on Instagram recently and loved it.  What I love most about the early JB movies are the really spoofy lines.   Although the spoofy has been toned down, the main ingredients are still there, handsome James Bond, beautiful women and of course champagne!

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Puttin’ on the Ritz!

Always thinking of ways to share the love, this week we’re proud to introduce you to Champagne Etienne Calsac.  L’echappee Belle Extra Brut, translated “The Beautiful Escape” and having escaped into several of these bottles ourselves we can assure you it lives up to it’s name! Lemon shortbread, almond and apple-laden lovely with a racy, fresh acidity.  It’s refined, cashewy with a creamy finish makes sublime sipping!  Served at the Ritz Paris and several Michelin Star restaurants throughout France, New York and now New Zealand. Put on your smoking jacket, Edith Piaf and you’ll be at the Ritz too! As if L’echappe Belle isn’t enough to bring out the Frenchie in you, thrill your taste buds with big brother Les Rochefort! This has it all, elegance as well as power, lemon peel, floral, yeast, almond and baked apple.  This is for serious champagne drinkers or Frenchie wannabes. These are exclusive champagnes and exceptional value!