Champagne Jean Josselin

The Jean Josselin Family have been passionate winegrowers since 1854 and in 1957 Champagne Jean Josselin was born. That passion continues today with Jean-Pierre and Jean-Félix, father and son, working together to produce and blend their champagnes.  Veronique and Lucile, mother and daughter, are integral to this family affair.  Champagne Jean Josselin is situated in the picturesque champagne village of Gyé sur Seine.

Everything about Jean Josselin shows style and sophistication.  The presentation of their champagnes is stunning, using frosted bottles for their delicious Blanc de Blancs and Audace Rosé.  Not only are these champagnes beautiful to look at, but they taste truly sublime!

The French have a wonderful word “terroir” meaning the earth, the climate, geography, the growing of the vine and the many idiosyncrasies that are associated with the production of exquisite champagne in the vineyard. It is this knowledge with generations of experience and passion that is to be enjoyed in every glass of Jean Josselin’s delightful champagne.

Champagne Jean Josselin

Champagne Marion-Bosser

Champagne Marion-Bosser is the mother-daughter team of Bernadette and Elodie Marion. They perpetuate a family tradition, crafting champagnes that are the very essence of subtlety, refinement and elegance. This all woman team produce award winning champagne, taking out the Chairman’s Trophy of “The Ultimate Wine Challenge” in New York in 2015 with their Extra Brut. The Extra Brut is also served to first class on British Airways.

This Champagne House is in the traditional champagne village of Hautvillers, which is exclusively planted Premier Cru and is located on the right bank of the Great Valley on the Marne. Hautvillers Abbey is made famous as the home of the Benedictine monk who invented champagne, Dom Pérignon (1658 to 1715).

Champagne Etienne Calsac

Champagne Calsac is the flag ship of Etienne Calsac, a young talented wine maker with an eye for experimentation. Etienne took over his grandparents 2.8 hectares of vineyards in three villages: Avize and Grauves in the Cote de Blancs and Bisseuil great vallee de la marne. This Champagne House also possesses a clos in Avize, which is rare in Champagne.

Etienne is passionate about his Champagne making and this starts with a deep respect for the Terrior as this is the basis for great champagne. He ensures his vineyards are planted with grass cover crops, ploughed and farmed following minimalist intervention. Each parcel of land is vinified separately, All bottles are aged on the lees for several months and an additional 3 months given after disgorgement before the wines are released. Etienne overseas every step of his champagne process, from cultivating the vines to blending the champagnes. He adds his own unique twist to the end product to produce superb highly sought after champagne.

Etienne has a connection with New Zealand and fond memories as he spent time here working as a cellar hand with Cloudy Bay Vineyard.


Champagne Monmarthe

The Monmarthe family have been in Ludes since 1737 and the Champagne House was founded in 1930. Today the House is run by Jean-Guy Monmarthe who is the sixth generation in the region.

Ludes has a Premier Cru village classification and is situated in the Marne (Champagne-Ardenne region) in the north-east of France. In April 2014 Champagne Monmarthe was awarded the Certificate of High Environmental Value for its whole vineyard. This distinction is given in tribute of the efforts and results achieved by Jean-Guy for the respect of his terroir.

Monmarthe Champagne comes from an indepth know how and understanding of their grapes, land, and blending to produce fantastic champagne. This champagne house produces a seductive and beautiful range of champagnes.

Champagne Maurice Vesselle

Three generations of champagne producers have worked the vineyards of Champagne Maurice Vesselle before Maurice Vesselle took over in 1955. In recent years, his sons, Didier and Thierry Vesselle have assumed the operation, along with Madame Vesselle. This family cultivate the family heritage with passion and conviction to produce a champagne of beauty. The brothers Didier and Thierry define themselves as “those who plough” working the earth in a traditional style to produce rare and special vintages. This champagne is exotic and powerful.

The creation of this beautiful champagne preserves the minerality, freshness and finesse of these powerful Bouzy wines. They have combined tradition and modern production methods specializing in superb vintage champagne. In 2013 the estate was certified Haute Valeur Environnementale (high environmental value).

Situated on the south flank of the “Montagne de Reims”, a large thumb like plateau separating the city of Reims to the north and the Marne River Valley to the south, the vineyards of Maurice Vesselle, in Bouzy and Tours sur Marne, are 100% Grand Cru.

Champagne Maurice Vesselle

Champagne Cristian Senez

Champagne Christian Senez was founded by Cristian and Josette Senez in 1974.

For over 40 years their passion, thoroughness and creative spirit have allowed them to establish their pedigree. This is continued today with Angélique, Cristian and Josette’s daughter, together with her husband Frédérich, are still making champagne in the same familiar, simple and convivial atmosphere which they treasure so dearly.

This Champagne House is situated in Fontette, a small village not only known for producing superb champagne but for Renoir who lived with his family here. Champagne Cristian Senez now owns 21 hectares of vines and produces more than 400,000 bottles of prize winning champagne.


Champagne Waris-Larmandier

Marie-Hélène Larmandier is the 5th generation of her family living in the region of Côte des Blancs. Marie-Hélène and her husband Vincent created the house of Waris-Larmandier in 1989.

Marie- Hélène and family are working together to create a house that creates gorgeous champagne in a colourful and vibrant style. The family is committed to minimal intervention, with no chemical or synthetic treatments for their vines.

This champagne is crafted from earth to bottle by love and every step between is driven by passion.

One look at the flamboyant ‘epoque’ style labels that embellish some of the wines will confirm that Marie-Hélène is passionate about life.

The style is under-stated, structured and ultra-elegant. These are feminine wines – they like to take their time getting ready! Waris-Larmandier allow these girls plenty of ageing and time to develop before they are released.

Champagne Waris-Larmandier

Champagne De Sousa

De Sousa Champagne House is based in Avize. Erick De Sousa, his wife and children are third and fourth generation champagne producers of startlingly different champagne. This family have exquisite and unique champagnes that vary from year to year.

The De Sousa Champagne House is passionate about biodynamic production of champagne and use old-vine cultivation (the vineyards are ploughed by horse and the oldest vines date back to 1932), extensive lees ageing, full malolactic fermentation and the aging of reserve wines in wood.

The De Sousa philosophy adheres to late ripening, allowing the vines to benefit from the mineral rich soils (potassium/magnesium) and to develop palate profiles that are both rich and pure, with most impressive length evidenced across their Champagne range. It is a special taste for all to enjoy.

Champagne De Sousa

Champagne Fleury-Gille

The Fleury-Gille Family have been wine growers and champagne producers for many generations. It all began with Pierre Louis Fleury who began this family tradition of producing beauty from the earth in a bottle. Pierre Louis was making wine in Trélou in the Marne Valley in 1842! Proudly the family continues this family tradition.

They devote their time, expertise and energy to the attentive care of their vineyard, to produce grapes of the highest quality, while protecting the environment through the practice of sustainable viticulture. The Fleury Family come together at the end of each winter to taste the champagne of the current year and previous years in order to create the new vintage. This champagne is sexy with style and finesse.

Champagne Fleury-Gille