The Three French Vines Way

Three French Vines is about family, our family in New Zealand, and our extended families in France, offering you and your family a unique champagne experience. We bring to you champagne from boutique independent family owned French vineyards. We offer you the champagne the French drink!

We have chased our dream of finding some of the best champagne in France and often the least known. We have enjoyed the company of some wonderful passionate champagne growers who with their beautiful vineyards produce exceptional Champagne. With us meet some of the great people who produce the grapes and make this beautiful sparkling wine. It is this Champagne we offer to you for your enjoyment.

Champagne is a magic wine because it is effervescent, a festive symbol of freshness, a wine to fall in love with and be enjoyed at any time.

Come on a journey with Three French Vines and enjoy the champagne we have to offer!

At Three French Vines we

  • Bring exquisite French Champagne to New Zealand.
  • Want to make Champagne an everyday experience with Three French Vines!
  • Leave you wanting more of Three French Vines beautiful Champagnes.


Andrew & Marie Lindsay

Champagne Vineyard Fields ViewVineyard Champagne Barrels

Shipping to Australia

We are now shipping to Australia, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

The larger bottle

A selection of magnum (1.5lt), jeroboam (4.5lt) and mathusalem (6lt) bottles are available upon request.

Weddings and Special Events

Three French Vines can cater for your special event fulfilling your champagne requirements.

Please contact us to discuss this further.

Gift Boxes

Champagne beautifully packed in wooden boxes nestled in wood wool makes the perfect gift! We have a selection of wooden gift boxes for single, two, three or six bottles.  Make your own selection of champagne or allow us to make a recommendation.

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