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    1 Bottle – Champagne Cuvée Renoir NV

    How Romantic is This? 

    You can’t go wrong with this gift of gorgeous champagne.  All set to go in a wooden gift box.

    Guaranteed to put you in the good books!


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    1 Bottle – Jean Josselin Audace Rosé

    Seriously Sexy!

    This is all glamour and sophistication. Elegant, dry and yet fresh with berry flavors which makes serious sublime sipping.  A creamy texture with a long and delectable finish.

    We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with this baby!

    Rated 5 Star by Sam Kim, Wine Orbit a leading wine critic.

    $189.95 Add to cart

    2 Bottle – Dynamic Duo!

    This dynamic duo is just delicious drinking and makes for the perfect gift!

    Both of these champagnes are guaranteed to impress.   Presented in a beautiful wooden box with wooden wool.

    1 x Jean Josselin Cuveé Des Jean NV

    1 x Cristian Senez Cuveé Renoir NV

    Buy 2 bottles or more.

    5 star v2

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    2 Bottle – Jean Josselin Champagne

    Seriously Sublime!

    Artisan Champagne at it’s best!  What a combo with the most delicious Cuvée Des Jean combined with the glorious Audace Rosé. Both made from 100% Pinot Noir and are Extra Brut.

    Both Champagnes are well awarded and adored by many.

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    3 Bottle – Jean Josselin Cuvée Des Jean, Cristian Senez Cuvée Renoir & Monmarthe Secret de Famille

    Terrific Trio!

    Super selection of three champagnes, all delicious and different in their own right!  This is a superb gift!

    Cuvée Des Jean – 100% Pinot Noir.  So pale, that it’s hard to believe it’s crafted from 100% red grapes.  One sip and that deliciously full, fat, creamy finesse reveals itself.

    Cuvée Renoir – 50/50 Mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Golden with delectable flavours  of citrus, nectarine, yeast and floral.

    Secret de Famille – Mix of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.  It’s all golden, gorgeousness of white peaches.

    Rated 5 stars by Sam Kim, Wine Orbit and Ray Chan.  Two of New Zealand’s renowned wine critics.

    $1,400.00 Add to cart

    Cristian Senez Brut – Methusaleh 6LT

    The Celebration!

    This is so wow, it’s incredible!  6 litres of pure fun and pleasure!  We have yet to meet anyone who is not impressed when they see this bottle.  Imagine a Grand Prix winner and you’ve got it, without the spraying it around of course!

    Perfect for any very special occasion.

    $799.99 Add to cart

    Hot Tub!

    1 x Marion-Bosser Millésime 2012

    1 x Marion-Bosser Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut NV

    1 x Marion-Bosser Rosé Brut NV

    1 x Champagne Ice Bowl Gold

    $450.00 Add to cart

    Jean Josselin Cuvée Des Jean – Jeroboam 3lt

    Prepare to knock their socks off!

    Who wouldn’t be so thrilled to receive this Jeroboam – 3lt (equivalent to 4 bottles)

    This sophisticated elegant bottle is seriously impressive and is guaranteed to wow the lucky receiver!  This Champagne is crafted lovingly by hand from the beginning to the end.  One sip of Cuvee Des Jean’s deliciously full, fat, creamy finesse and you’re in love.  With Pinot being the star in this baby, prepare to be wowed!  The ultimate party pleaser!

    $240.95 Add to cart

    Marion-Bosser – 2 Double Gold Winners

      Double Gold  NZIWS 2020

    Double, Double Gold!

    Marion-Bosser Millésime 2012 and Marion-Bosser Rosé, two magnificent champagnes by the wonderful mother and daughter run Champagne House Marion-Bosser situated in the most famous champagne village in all of France, Hautevillers.  Both are awarded Double Gold and are extremely impressive not to mention glorious drinking!

    These Champagnes are beautifully presented in a wooden gift box with wood wool.

    Buy with confidence!



    $149.95 Add to cart

    Marion-Bosser Millésime 2012

      Double Gold  NZIWS 2020

    Dripping in Gold!

    This prestige champagne will impress anyone.  It’s from the most famous champagne village in all of France, Hautevillers. Gloriously delicious with super fine bubbles it oozes sophistication.  Beautifully presented in a wooden gift box with wood wool.

    Perfect for when you really want to make someone’s day!



    $359.65 Add to cart

    Marion-Bosser Trio Gift Box

      Double Gold  NZIWS 2020

    Dripping in Gold!

    Golden selection of three superb champagnes.  This stellar selection of Marion-Bosser Champagnes is beautifully presented in a wooden gift box with wood wool.

    You just know this gift is going to wow!



    $267.80 Add to cart

    Rosé Super Star Trio

    This Rosé trio makes fabulous drinking!

    You will be impressed with these absolutely stand out champagnes!  I adore them!

    1 x Marion-Bosser Premium Cru Rosé NV

    1 x Jean Josselin Audace Rosé NV

    1 x Maurice Vesselle Grand Cru Rosé NV

    The Maurice Vesselle and Jean Josselin are 100% Pinot Noir and are powerful and full flavoured champagnes with notes of berries and sexy spicing.

    While the Marion-Bosser is a seductive, elegant Rosé and perfect with aperitifs and cocktails.

    3 bottle buy.


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