Etienne Calsac Champagne

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Puttin’ on the Ritz!

Always thinking of ways to share the love, this week we’re proud to introduce you to Champagne Etienne Calsac.  L’echappee Belle Extra Brut, translated “The Beautiful Escape” and having escaped into several of these bottles ourselves we can assure you it lives up to it’s name! Lemon shortbread, almond and apple-laden lovely with a racy, fresh acidity.  It’s refined, cashewy with a creamy finish makes sublime sipping!  Served at the Ritz Paris and several Michelin Star restaurants throughout France, New York and now New Zealand. Put on your smoking jacket, Edith Piaf and you’ll be at the Ritz too! As if L’echappe Belle isn’t enough to bring out the Frenchie in you, thrill your taste buds with big brother Les Rochefort! This has it all, elegance as well as power, lemon peel, floral, yeast, almond and baked apple.  This is for serious champagne drinkers or Frenchie wannabes. These are exclusive champagnes and exceptional value!